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Which would you rather have, in a split second, a million bucks Or your health? So how do you get that good health?  Certainly not by clicking your fingers!  Right?  It is by deciding what you want, making a plan and then taking action!  You have heard this all before and certainly there is a lot of conflicting information EVERYWHERE!   I had to make some life changes when I found that 6:30am to 8:30pm daily work schedule was ruining my life, my relationships, and my health! Once I changed my job, certain habits and life style I LOST 78 pounds and regained my health, my relationship with my husband and of course the rest of the family!  I found myself with no more prescription drugs, fatigue, irritability nor depression for me!    You can have what you want and what you need!   Only 10% of most people’s lives can be blamed on inheritance!  So now is the time to sort it out and stop blaming the clock, your boss, your kids, or others in your family!  Time to start taking the steps for your New Years SOLUTIONS!   I will be taking you on a step by step journey to improve your life, your health and vitality.    Please feel free to contact me if you have questions!

The last issue addressed the fact that many of us need new Solutions to balance our lives.  Over and over I hear folks say they have tried EVERYTHING!  I want to share with you all an interesting way of thinking and then developing a plan that works for you!   A college professor did an exercise for the brain!  He set up a large glass container and filled it with rocks approximately 2 inches in diameter and asked the students if it was full.  They answered yes.   In the same jar he next poured a container of pebbles and asked again, is it full?  Then a container of sand—same question and answer.  68Lastly he poured in a container of water.  With all these things in the jar, it WAS full!! Just like our lives!   The larger stones represent the most important things in our lives that we don’t want to change, and the other things, while important, fill in the time 108 and space of our lives but we must be careful not to put the sand in first, least we fill our lives with the least important and don’t devote ourselves to what is really important! OK, get started and prepare for change write down the three most Important things in these categories:  Business (work)_____________    _____________ _______________  Now Financial________________   _____________   _____________ Family & relationships  __________________   __________________   _______________ Health and Fitness  ___________________  __________________  _________________ What needs to be done right now?  ___________________What are your time wasters? Once you have them written down we can continue with moving forward to success! Can’t wait for the next issue? Call Marybeth for a FREE 15 minute session to get you launched.

New adventures and new ideas; in addition to supplements already offered by Trusted Health strategies, Inc., we are offering the full line of products from Herbal Life, Herbalife24-sports, also including skin care products. 

I had struggled with adding on weight each year, trying all different "plans" only to diet my way UP to well over 200 pounds.  When I achieved balanced cellular nutrition, 75 pounds came off and my whole life changed, adding energy and vitality back into each day, enjoying my relationship with my grandkids and my husband, and coming off prescription medications were so welcomed by all of us.  Now when I go for my annual check up my physician says keep on doing what you are doing, knowing all that has happened he actually said, "I'm proud of you!"

One more exciting possibility is extra cash (for you part-time or full time) by helping others discover weight loss is methodical and the door can be opened to continuing optimal health and vitality!   Email marybeth@trusted-health.com to be put on the list!  Free and Monthly!
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Join us for this adventure any time during this year or next!  Ask us how!!!