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Low levels of Vitamin D: Increasing Vitamin D might help your body to perform more efficiently!  Maybe you are taking Vitamin D but aren't getting enough.  You can find out by having your blood drawn and analyzed.

WORD OF CAUTION:  This lab test can cost hundreds of dollars; have your insurance pre-authorize this and even so you might have a co-pay due.

Check with a Nutritionist and/or Chiropractor to see if you might take other supplements like potassium and magnesium.   It is necessary to check with a professional because there are interactions between many substances when they get in your bloodstream(medications, supplements, and foods).  It is a little like too many cooks spoil the stew IF TOO MANY DIFFERENT REMEDIES ARE ADDED!

In the mean time do exercises, stretches, and moving around each hour.  The body picks up on your clues that it needs to keep performing and not go into "hibernation".  Ask about our Chair Yoga to stretch, sit, and stand healthy movements Classes in Parker. Or you can get a group together and ask for Marybeth to come and do Yoga with you without being on the floor or becoming a pretzel!  Yoga recognizes that people progress in their own manner and dedication,  belief systems, and spiritual/religious beliefs, supporting yourself and others with respect and a loving heart.        

Wishing you this best possible health outcomes this year!  Don't hesitate to call for a free 15 minute consultation!  303.841.8484. I encourage everyone to do their best and not compare yourself to others!  Also don't compare yourself to your previous self.  Start where you are at!