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Marybeth Bastian, RN, BSN founder of Trusted Health Strategies, Inc. (formerly Health Options Today), naturally focuses on the positives in life, learning, health maintenance, and recovery from health issues.  She assists clients in reaching the best choices possible for managing their health pathway; focusing on wellness and health issues, moving towards the future.  Insight comes from Nursing, Nutrition, Wellness and Health Coaching and Yoga which has given rise to an enthusiasm and understanding of the challenges faced daily by individuals of all ages.

Marybeth Bastian, RN, BSN Registered Nurse, Health, Wellness and Nutrition Coach, Yoga Movement and Healing Touch for Individuals to choose for the balance of body, mind, and spirit to live in harmony with yourself and others is the true focus. 

 I have enjoyed living in Colorado all my life and especially the past 30 years in Parker!   I am a graduate of the University of Colorado, Clayton College of Nutrition, ithrive Yoga Teacher Training.   I also am enjoying grandchildren, and great grandchildren and the freedom to practice nursing the way that I like to.  I find what I love most is sharing what I have learned.    MY GREATEST PASSION is to partner with individuals so that they can establish their own path to Optimum Health and wellness through their OWN CHOICES and their own STYLE for their FUTURE.  No cookie cutter approach here!  
I do believe that most of us can use whole food supplementation with our diets to support the needs of the body.  I can assure everyone that I avoid recommending chemically engineered substances which are demonstrated to only go after symptoms. Rather, I promote searching out the root of the issues to help the body heal.

THS lives up to its name by providing:

T remendous Value is provided.
R eliable services, information, and methods to remove road blocks to your success.
U nderstanding regarding of each individual's uniqueness.
S upporting your unique path toward wholeness and harmony.
T eaching in a style that opens the doors to building your future wisdom, growth, and inner strength; which aids in bringing you opportunities to make choices for a healthy life style.

            All of these to serve each individual in their own set of circumstances
            to reach and maintain their most optimum health possibl